Who’s OX?

Merging their individual businesses, Dutch sister duo, Péronne and Edith, founded OX Originals in 2021. With a background in communications, design and styling, and after a long and inspirational time spent in South East Asia and Australia, Péronne settled for Hamburg in 2015. Edith has got a degree in woodwork and furniture design, many years of experience in marketing and visual merchandising in the fashion industry and an eye for detail. In OX Originals they’re able to combine their joined passion for craftsmanship and aesthetics.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, our founding year, 2021, was the year of the OX. The OX is highly valued and synonymous for strength, diligence and reliability. Values we hold dear and identify ourselves with. And besides …. we just love hugs and kisses!


Handmade in Hamburg & Rotterdam

Our studios in two of Europe’s largest port cities, Hamburg and Rotterdam, are the buzzing centres of our creations. With the greatest care and eye for detail, our small but dedicated teams work daily to create our OX Originals. Besides our toolbox and sustainable materials, it’s the skilled hands, good atmosphere and love for our products which makes OX rock!


You’ll love our Originals!

Unique, handmade and sustainable accessories and design objects
that will be treasured and last you a lifetime.
XOX from OX